Daystar's New Model

        •1000 Volts; 3 ranges 1000V, 100V, 10 V

      •100 Amperes; 3 ranges 100 A, 10 A, 1 A

      •Accurate - Portable - Reliable
IVPC Software
Tracer Photos
DS-1000 PV I-V Curve Tracer

Daystar introduces the latest version of the industry workhorse, the 1000 Volt, 100 Amp IV curve tracer. The DS-1000 retains all the virtues of the previous unit while expanding the capability to safely test higher power arrays without sacrificing accurate module testing. Unique switching of the capacitive load allows slower, more accurate IV curves over a wide range of inputs and produce IV curves with 1000 data points plotted.
Daystar Tracers, developed in the late 1980’s, were one of the first portable, self-contained units available for testing installed photovoltaic systems. Daystar Tracers have proven accurate, reliable, and durable and are used by many photovoltaic companies and national laboratories around the world. Contact Daystar, Inc. for a quote and delivery time. Each DS-1000 is shipped in a rugged foam-lined case and includes IVPC software, manuals, and cables. Download a datasheet here.

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