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A software program, IVPC, is provided with each Daystar DS-1000 I-V Curve Tracer. This menu-driven software controls the I-V curve tracer, transfers I-V curve data to the computer for storage, and includes a toolset to manipulate, normalize, display and analyze I-V curves. Some key figures are described below.

Data Grid—IVPC shows all I-V curves in a data grid with user-selected headers such as date, name, power, irradince, etc. Any of fourteen values in the curve file may be used as column headers.

Displaying Curves—IVPC displays single I-V curves or multiple curves using the Multi-curve feature.

Copying data/curves—IVPC provides several methods for copying and pasting curve data to popular word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Normalization—IVPC includes three methods for normalizing an I-V curve to standard conditions; ASTM-E1036 1993 and 1996, and a quick approximation method based on scaling current for irradiance and adjusting voltage for temperature differences.

Attached sensors—IVPC automatically reads, translates, and stores irradiance values from connected pyranometers and temperatures from connected thermocouples. These data are used for normalization.

IVPC is updated periodically and the latest version is available here

This software should not be distributed without written consent from Daystar, Inc.

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